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ImageJason is a veteran U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant who served as a Team Leader with the Special Reaction Teams. He is also a former Team Sergeant for a full-time SWAT Team with a large municipal police department. He has over 20 years of honorable service with the military and law enforcement. A certified firearms instructor since 1995, he held such positions as SWAT Team Leader and Training Coordinator, Unit Training NCO, and full-time LE Range Instructor who specialized in Tactical Firearms, Active Shooter Response, Patrol Rifle, and Shoothouse Operations. Jason is a TN Post Certified Firearms Instructor, and has successfully completed the NRA Firearms and Patrol Rifle Instructor Courses, FBI Firearms Instructor Course, NTOA MP5 Submachine Gun Instructor Course, and FBI Basic SWAT School.


Image 1┬áJason “Jabo” Long is currently serving as Team Leader on a full-time SWAT Team with a large law enforcement agency. He has an extensive background in both conducting and training others for high-risk law enforcement operations. He is a TN/AR POST certified instructor in several subjects and has successfully completed a myriad of courses and is a graduate of the Dept. of the Army/FBI Hazardous Devices School (Bomb Tech), DARC LECTC-01, and DARC LECTC-02. Jabo is the co-owner of Ronin Combat Strategies and is an instructor for TOSS.


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