* When will I get my order? 

That depends on you. There are many options that affect the lead times. Lead times are clearly posted on top of every page. To figure out about when you will get your holster please add 4 weeks give or take a few days and you will have your ship date. The delivery time also depends on if you paid for rush or VIP expedited service. Please do not call us a few days after placing your order. That will only result in further delays.

*Are your products made in the USA?
Yes, every holster we make and most parts that go into the final product are sourced from the USA. We take pride when we stamp “Made In Merika” (Merika is not a foreign country, its how some folks pronounce America…) on each of our products.

*What is the turn around time?
Yep, we had to post this two times because its one of the most often asked questions so we have to be sure you read it. Currently lead times are +-4 weeks (add a few days), this is subject to change and an estimate only NOT A GUARANTEE. Sometimes it takes longer. The more emails we have to answer regarding how long will my order take… the longer it will take to get your order. Quality work takes quality time so please give us room to work our little unicorn and dragon skin magic. If you need something immediately we have RUSH and VIP services available. We will then ship your holster within 3-5 days from payment date.

What are “HEX CUTS” and why would i need/want them? 
Hex cuts are those little scallops cut into the side of the holster so the bottom color shows through or in a single color holster you can get them cut all the way through to have a gear like look to your holster. Hex cuts are cosmetic only, they add some tactical bling to your holster to make it even more custom. SO do you need them? We wouldn’t to lie to you… you definitely need them. Its actually been proven to make you shoot up to 25% faster (we sort of made that up but i have to have this disclaimer here for the short bus door gunner types that actually might believe me and try to sue me when they find out its not true…).

*What is a sweat guard? is it for me

The sweat guard is the portion on the body side of the holster that sits against your skin. It looks similar to a dorsal fin. It keeps grease, oil etc from your clothing and aids in preventing your gun getting moisture from your body.

* Will kydex scratch my gun?
Would you fear scratching a hammer or screw driver? If Yes, and if you are afraid of your gun getting scratches, please do not shoot your gun either because that will cause scratches on the inside of your weapon. Immediately place gun in safe and never ever ever ever remove it from there. EVER. Immediately turn in your man card.

* Do you offer Military / Police discounts?
Yes we do, 10% and we do ship to APO etc. Please verify with an email address from your .mil or dept email address. No blood or urine samples are needed. Please use promo code MILLE10 and enter your .mil,.gov or work email address.

* Do you ship internationally?
Yes, additional fees will apply.

* What is the Pace Clip
The Pace clip was designed via a joint venture with Pace Tactical’s Paul VanDunk otherwise known as Praurl in pseudo Chinese. It was made so that it takes the brunt impact of the wear and tear on your holsters caused by the sights. During single hand weapons manipulations the holster often becomes chewed and chipped which can lead to eventual breakage and possibly even cuts on your arm.

*What is a Nocturnal Sidewinder?
The Nocturnal Sidewinder is the light bearing version of our Sidewinder.

* What is the difference between Light vs Light no light?
The light no light version works without a light via a cross bar that blocks off the area normally occupied by a light. There is a metal bar that connects both sides of the holster together. You can now run your light bearing rig for IDPA and simply unscrew and store the cross bar when not in use.

* What does ADR stand for and why should I buy it vs a Sidewinder?
The ADR or Adaptive Draw Rig is a slimmed down no nonsense holster. It’s as small and narrow as we could possibly make a holster. The MKi was designed for appendix carry/ inside waist band carry. The MK2 and MK3 are compatible with the versatile G-Code RTi system. The MK3 can be used with and without a tactical weapon light.

* I don’t see my gun on your roster. Do you make holsters for (insert) gun?
If you can find a blue gun to send to us or are willing to help cover the cost of a mold we are more than happy to help you. The easiest solution would be to buy a gun with readily available aftermarket support (buying that obscure weapon to be different is going to hurt you more than help).

*Can I buy Gcode accessories from you?
Yes, they are now available in the accessories section.

* Can you make it work with a threaded barrel, extended slide stop, extended safety etc?
Yes, Just let us know about your aftermarket mods.

* How do i change out the hardware?
Our holsters use stainless steel hardware that has a slot in the back for easy removal.

* Does your Sidewinder holster work with Molle?
Yes our Sidewinders can be bolted with tactical tailor Malice clips.These are available on the accessories page.

* Do you make custom knife sheaths, flash lights, Twinkies holsters etc?
Yes, prices are listed in our Custom Knife Sheaths Section.
You will have to send in your blades.

MY Holster doesnt look exactly as pictured!

We often change and evolve our designs when we find improvements, check out our online or social media for the latest news since those are easier to update than the website.

* How do i check my order status?
Email us at honeybadger@offthegridconcepts.com, calling and emailing every 2-3 days will only delay your order ;). If your order doesn’t arrive after 3-4 weeks please send us a email.

*Will an OTG Holster make me cool?
We would not lie to you… Yes it will. You will now become socially acceptable no matter how awkward you were before. How does this happen? You have a gun on your hip. Who’s going to talk trash about you now?

*What is the meaning of life?
Ask Siri.

*Why should we Buy from OTG vs (insert name)?
Does ______ use ground up unicorn horns mixed into their kydex? Didn’t think so. We venture into the deep jungles of the world to capture these beasts and mix their ground up horns in a tiger balm and dragon semen broth. It’s epically awesome.

**** If you are offended by the light hearted humor than perhaps OTG is not for you. Please shop elsewhere and gain a sense of humor. All kidding aside thanks for stopping by. ****