Professional End Users

  Jason is a veteran U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant who served as a Team Leader with the Special Reaction Teams. He is also a former Team Sergeant for a full-time SWAT Team with a large municipal police department. He has over 20 years of honorable service with the military and law enforcement. A certified firearms instructor since 1995, he held such positions as SWAT Team Leader and Training Coordinator, Unit Training NCO, and full-time LE Range Instructor who specialized in Tactical Firearms, Active Shooter Response, Patrol Rifle, and Shoothouse Operations. Jason is a TN Post Certified Firearms Instructor, and has successfully completed the NRA Firearms and Patrol Rifle Instructor Courses, FBI Firearms Instructor Course, NTOA MP5 Submachine Gun Instructor Course, and FBI Basic SWAT School.
Jason “Jabo” Long is currently serving as Team Leader on a full-time SWAT Team with a large law enforcement agency. He has an extensive background in both conducting and training others for high-risk law enforcement operations. He is a TN/AR POST certified instructor in several subjects and has successfully completed a myriad of courses and is a graduate of the Dept. of the Army/FBI Hazardous Devices School (Bomb Tech), DARC LECTC-01, and DARC LECTC-02. Jabo is the co-owner of Ronin Combat Strategies and is an instructor for TOSS.


Greg Slemp is a United States Army veteran and former Federal Law Enforcement Agent with over twenty-five years’ experience conducting training, security, and special operations in both national and international assignments to include developing, conflict and post conflict countries. 

For more than fifteen years supporting GWOT, he served throughout the Middle East and Southwest Asia for a variety of United States Government Agencies.  His time overseas and having actively participated in activities of various disciplines afforded him the unique opportunity to judge the effectiveness of training and operations in an asymmetric environment.

During the onset of the Iraq War, he was assigned to the initial team of counter-snipers for a U.S. governmental agency.  He would eventually oversee the selection, training and deployment of personnel assigned to Program and provided additional training to mobile teams in Central and Northern Iraq.

In the mid-2000s while in Afghanistan, he was assigned Kandahar and tasked with building, training, and sustaining a small team of Afghan Special Operations personnel to conduct various operations supporting for the U.S. government and allies.  Areas he instructed were basic to advanced marksmanship, vehicle operations, close protection, communications, Close Quarters Combat, intelligence gathering and counter surveillance operations.  He would then duplicate the template and train teams for Kabul and Masar-e-Shariff regions.

With over 25 years’ experience in military, global security operations and special operations, Greg has extensive experience in executive protection for high-net-worth individuals and U.S. government officials, intelligence, surveillance, counter sniper operations, investigations, training, anti-piracy operations, hostage rescue, direct action, anti-terrorism and counter terrorism.