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custom kydex sidewinder holster

Egg Roll Mag Pouch

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note: Photo above used for reference only. No hex cuts shown.

Egg Roll Mag Pouch

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One size fits Glock, M&P, CZ 9mm, Sig, Beretta, 1911 single stacks 9mm magazines and more! Eggrolls will not fit double stack 45 mags.

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5.0 rating
September 13, 2021

These are my favorite mag pouches by far. Tried many others. Fast smooth and can be used for all my different 9mm mags. Theses are a bargain.

Travis Powell

Egg rolling in style!

5.0 rating
April 18, 2021

Egg roll mag pouch is super nice. The adaptability of using this with a vest is great. Mags are reachable with the tactical offset.
Only thing it’s missing is an option for a 2in belt.

Jonathan Chung

I love them until they break

2.0 rating
October 26, 2020

I have had three egg rolls for maybe three years. I love how minimalist they are. They sit on the belt tightly and are small enough to be able to move them around easily to fit the positions of varying belt loops. They’re light yet secure. I like everything about them except when they break. If you catch the bottom of one on a chair arm or a car door frame they will bend up enough to break the hook off where it attaches to the holder. I lost one early on while training when it caught on a barrier I was sliding back around. I lost the second one just the other day when I sat down in a chair and snagged the arm. I wish I could give it a much higher rating but failures such as these may mean you have lost a reload in an urgent time. If OTGHex can make the same holster with a secure belt clip or loop that is securely attached top and bottom and keep the minimal footprint they’ll hit a homerun.

Mike Hill

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