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custom kydex sidewinder holster

adaptive draw rig holsters

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ADR 6 Second Mount

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Starting at $90 $80

Step 1: Custom Build Your Holster

  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Coyote
  • Custom Two Tone
  • C

Step 2: Design

80% Complete


Introducing the latest offering from OTGHEX: ADR MKVI for Glocks equipped with the ALG DEFENSE  6 Second Mount.

The MKVI Offers the user the flexibility to choose between the ever popular Offset Belt loop mount available in 4 belt loop sizes, or the possibility to use the “MLS” bolt pattern from Safariland.

The Drop Mountoffsets the gun in line with the top of your belt line.

The MKVI has an adjustable tension bar to customize fitment, it’s designed with a thicker heavier duty Kydex for durability and an open top design for speed. 

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Hex Cuts

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hex cuts

Hex cuts are those little scallops cut into the side of the holster so the bottom color shows through or in a single color holster you can get them cut all the way through to have a gear like look to your holster.


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