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Nocturnal Sidewinder Series

Nocturnal Sidewinder Series

$100.00 USD

The Nocturnal Sidewinder Series are fully adjustable, modular, and completely customizable to the end users specific needs. Why use a light mounted weapon? Because evil doesn't wait for daylight. Having a light bound Sidewinder allows you the ability to holster your pistol + light and cut through the dark. These custom formed holsters are precision crafted from Kydex varying from .06- .08 (standard) and .09 upon request.

“The Nocturnal Sidewinder is an onboard light carry option for those who require a Fixed Light on there carry, Duty, or training Weapon. Through Testing we have found a balance of Rugged design with a low profile for every day use. The Nocturnal Sidewinder is ready for the most abusive relationship between user and environment there is. With Mounting options like Malice, Belt loop and many more. Available in Custom Colors the Nocturnal Sidewinder can be adapted to any user or environment. The Nocturnal Sidewinder is ready for what Goes bump in the night so you can Bump back.”

Light No Light Option

Sometimes you cant run a light mounted pistol (IDPA) so we invented a reliable method to make dual use of your holster. The light no light option allows you to run your holster without a light while not making the holster too tight by simply installing a cross bar that blocks off the light channel.

If you don't see your make & model Or you wanted a completely custom build shoot us an email. If you are running higher sights, a threaded barrel, or extended slide release/stops please disclose as this will affect your fitment. All products are hand crafted and may vary slightly from batch to batch.


Estimated production time: 2-3 weeks from time of order to the time it ships.

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