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Pace Performance Package

Pace Performance Package

$155.00 USD

Like most avid shooters, I’ve spent a lot of time and money looking for a versatile holster. One that can adapt with my guns, in this particular case, all my Glocks. So when I first reached out to Rob at OTG Hex, many years ago, he was very open and willing to evolve his product with this need in mind. We started looking at the ADR MKIII, one I’m particularly fond of, as the starting point. We began discussing and working on a mold that would allow the holster to be Comp adaptable. We lowered the cut, allowing users to clear the holster a little faster and finally, an offset drop belt mount. In my opinion, you know have the perfect versatile holster. “The PACE ADR”

No matter your preference in firearm manufacturer, a holster should house your gun or guns of the same manufacturer with a mounted light and the majority of  modifications you have or plan to add. The PACE ADR, does just that, a versatile holster to rule them all

Paul Van Dunk
PACE Performance and Consulting

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