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$130.00 USD

“When you need to carry the kitchen sink AIWB and remain discreet.”

The traditional AIWB pistol and magazine combination is a tried-and-true concealed carry platform. Yet, the Sidewinder SidePiece manages to take it a step further. It is the natural evolution to the appendix-carry system, boasting improvements to modularity, comfort, and concealment—all in one reliable package. Features include:

– Modular Design: Detachable magazine carrier that can be moved vertically or completely off the system, allowing the holster to be worn independently. Tailored for both right and left-handed individuals, the SidePiece utilizes a dual belt-loop design for additional security. It is compatible with many popular firearm and flashlight combinations.

– Comfort: Custom-fitted holster that does not sacrifice convenience for practicality. Adjustable ride-height and draw tension ensures a proper fit for any operator. Contoured shape that sits on the waist with ease without affecting mobility and comfort during prolonged use.

– Concealment: Streamlined profile that has been slimmed down with stealth in mind. ModWing mounted to enhance low visibility, keeping the holster minimal to unwanted attention. The SidePiece values reliability by preaching discretion.

Professionally hand-crafted, tuned, and tested. The Sidewinder SidePiece is available in a wide variety of colors and liners, providing customization where desired.

The choice for concealed carry has never been this easy. The SidePiece does not compromise on reliability and comfort, or modularity and concealment.

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